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About Xohomo

Xohomo is the largest social networking and Digital home for the gay people where they can find and interact with like minded people from the nearby locations. Utilizing cutting-edge, proprietary technologies xohomo is helping the Gay community to make meaningful long term relations and connections in a refreshingly friendly environment.

Unlike all other gay network sites, Xomoho is developed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) which can be added to the home screen of the mobile devices and It delivers notification about all incoming messages from user to you ( Need notification permissions)

How To Get Started with Xohomo


Sign up in Xohomo

The Xohomo Community is designed to works only on mobile browsers. So please open xohomo in Chrome in your Android or safari in your IOS. Don't forget to add Xohomo to your mobile Home screen which will provide you a native app like experience.


Create your Account

Go through the simple Signup cards to create account with Xohomo. Sign up using your original Mobile number as Xohomo verifies the mobile number using whatsapp. Upload an image of you /or an image representing you. Well done.Your account is created. !!!


Login to Xohomo

After your mobile Number verification you will be able to access the login page of Xohomo, your world of gay fantasies... Don't forget to allow necessary permission for notifications. Xohomo notifies you for all incoming messages from other users



You are always special and unique and you need friends within your wavelength. Xohomo helps you find gay friends within your wavelength.

Chat and Meet

The robust chat features ob Xohomo will help you to interact with like minded gay people from you nearest locality. Search, Find, and Be Found.

Simple, yet Powerful

The community is made so simple as possible, so every one here can enjoy all features of Xohomo by simple clicks here and there.

Native Experience

Xohomo, as a PWA, works only on Mobile browsers which will give you the native app like experience with out any app downloading or device's space usage.

Robust Notifications

Xohomo delivers notification for all incoming messages for you from other users. You have to allow necessary permissions for notifications to access notifications.

Enjoy life

The Community is made with equality and pure love in Mind. The community will deliver more confidence, strength and exposure to you by more interactions.

What You Can Do

  • One to One chat

    Using Xohomo you and chat with other users from the community using out One to One chat system.

  • One to One block

    If you are not happy with any users, you can block that user from connecting with you using this feature.

  • Add to favorites

    You can add any user to your favorite list so you can interact with them later by a single click.

  • One to One notifications

    Xohomo shows notification for every messages you received from the other users.

  • Nearby Members

    Meet and chat with the like minded, mobile verified, guys from your nearby locality.

Xohomo journey

Whether you're looking for gay dating or just to make more gay friends in your area and beyond, our online messaging, chat will help you there.Welcome to a new and better way to meet people.

Xohomo is Secure


Xohomo community is secured using the basic security precautions. Xomoho never save and remove all chat history on everyday basis to secure our user's data.

Verified Users

Xohomo verifies all users using Mobile number and email ID to prevent abuse and violence. So the Members visible in Xohomo are verified and can be trusted.


A fun loving gay community with verified users built over pure love and equality. A group of like minded guys who fight against abuse and violence.

Gay Issues

Social support becomes an increasingly important resource for people as they are. Research has shown gay men rely on friendship networks more often than on family. A person’s sexuality has an impact on their health. Being gay doesn't take your brain away or exclude you from having the same attributes as anyone else.The problem does not lie with Gay individuals, but with the attitudes and behavior of the society around them.

Here in Xohomo we love to treat every one with equal respect and encourage / strengthen them as a human beings.

" What seems Unnatural is also natural"

What We Offer


Gay Friendship

If you are looking gay friendship, you are welcome.. Our unique chat engine will connect you with thousands of like minded guys from your nearest location.
Search, Find and be Found...


Gay Dating

Finding a Gay date for you is not a task any more.. Find your perfect Gay date from the Thousands of mobile number verified guys from your nearest locality through Xohomo. Search, Find and be Found...


Gay Meeting

Whether you're looking for gay dating or just to make more gay friends in your area and beyond, our online messaging, chat areas and photo profiles are complemented by a huge range of events.

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